The Churn: A Picture of Vegetables and More

Isabel Subtil / Heavy Table
Isabel Subtil / Heavy Table

A new grocery store chain called Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets, featuring a large fresh produce section, is due to arrive in 2014 (above, what fresh produce might look like). Did we already post a link to that ridiculous Ferris wheel restaurant idea in NE? If not, there it is. If so, there it is again. After many years and countless slain, the Food Court Wars are over; to the victor goes the Pimento Jamaican Kitchen. Anybody heard about that Lift Bridge mini-donut beer yet? Oh, you have? Where? Oh, everywhere. Well, it’s remarkable that people have clued in on something so subtle. This just in: restaurants with patios. Another profile of Dashfire Bitters (here’s ours). And alliteration carries the day as a story on cold climate wine reveals that Minnesota is “going great grapes.”


  1. StephMarch

    I have to say … rather enjoyed the bit of snap and sass in the Churn today. Carry on!

  2. James Norton

    I can’t even begin to explain how tired I am right now. Expect the sass to continue until I catch up on sleep, an event currently scheduled for late September / early October.

  3. Jason Walker

    Doesn’t a Ferris wheel make a sizable portion of the populace puke? Bad restaurant idea.

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