1. Alex

    I like that when I walk into a Caribou I feel like I’m snuggling with my coffee in a ski lodge. I guess Caribou needs to become a bit more mainstream to grow, but I’ll miss some of the cozy Midwestern charm.

  2. Chris____

    Re: “midwestern charm” — it was cute 10 years ago but now looks a little dated and worn. I like the new branding (even though I really hate their bitter, aspirin-tasting coffee) … The look is much more clean and modern — hopefully they spruce up their locations too. They need to be less “log home” and more “lodge resort.”

  3. Kyle

    The new logo looks like gumby. Lame. By the way, this company just pulled off an anti-green attempt in switching out all of their cups, napkins, etc. with one’s of this new logo. What a waste.

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