Uptown Farmers Market

Kickstarting the Donut Cooperative and Morning Roundup

Andy Sturdevant exhorts us to support the Donut Cooperative’s Kickstarter campaign, Zimmern interviews Andrew Miller of Cafe Imports (he drinks coffee at Dunn Bros, Kopplin’s, Black Sheep Coffee Cafe, and Rustica), Rachel reviews First Avenue’s Depot and Twisted Fork (here’s our review of Twisted Fork), another Furthermore barn party tonight in Spring Green, WI, Heartland’s […]


June 22 Morning Roundup Part II

News tidbits from Midtown, Kingfield, and Uptown farmers markets, how to buy seafood and ensure a fresh meal (from a former oceangoing crab and salmon fisherman), some wonderful-looking homemade summer drinks from Food Snobbery, a 7 Up / blueberry cake, and kind words for Heavy Table’s serial novel from a chef.