WI Cheese Kitsch and Morning Roundup

Our own Becca Dilley has a cheese kitsch photo spread in Culture magazine, a profile of Gastro Non Grata co-honcho and PBR rep Craig Drehmel, Rachel calls the BLT Jam Burger at Macy’s Oak Grill “the best new burger in Minneapolis,” a detailed write-up of Gastrotruck, a WI vs. MN beer border battle fest this […]


Tanpopo’s Bento Taro and Morning Roundup

The always excellent Tanpopo is offering a lunchtime bento option called Bento Taro (eight box minimum order; on twitter as @bentotaroMN), an “Evening at the World Championship Cheese Contest” event in Madison [PDF with details], thoughts on the Crispin purchase by Miller, there’s a cool-looking local food-based webcomic called Cocotte coming up, a blah review […]


Tanpopo in Peril and Morning Roundup

A look at Brunkow’s Pave Henri (a washed rind, Trappist-style Wisconsin cheese), a Minnesota-shaped pizza bite (still waiting for the MN-shaped full-on pie), Bill Roehl on Fireside Pizza in Rosemount “more or less, ‘meh,’” the modest perils of pickling, a chowhound sounds the alarm about Tanpopo losing business, and a look at Seven Stars,  a […]