August 13 Morning Roundup

Minnesota’s only beer Cicerone gives Summit’s Kölsch high marks saying “this beer is everything a Kölsch should be,” apparently Andrew Zimmern’s not above ruining a guy’s perfectly tempered chocolate to make a humorous point, a sensible call for a 24-hour gourmet donut shop by Alexis, Green Your Plate explores the angel (Mississippi Market) and the […]


A Full Moon Grill-Out

The Dinner on the Farm folks — responding, in part, to concerns about the pricetag of previous events — have put together a new event for Aug. 5 on the Garden Farme in Ramsey, MN. The Full Moon Grill-Out features The Birchwood Cafe’s Marshall Paulsen. $42 gets you your fill of local fare (Thousand Hills […]


June 3 Morning Roundup

Scate Bakes whips up some fascinating Amish cinnamon friendship chain bread, Rachel bewails the closing of The Boathouse in Superior, Zimmern violates Adam Platt’s review rules and takes the newly opened Burger Jones to the woodshed for lousy service, Summit can’t make Horizon Red Ale fast enough, it’s a Miel y Leche Cupcake Saturday and […]