Sheela Namakkal

January 18 Tweet Rodeo

@SanctuaryRest announces remaining reservation availability for their Alexis Bailly Vineyard tasting, @BlackDogStPaul offers 10% off all orders with a St. Paul Winter Carnival button, @Barrio_Truck announces its next stop, @AnsarisGrill dubs today “Monday Funday” and provides MLK Jr. Day 2-for-1s, and @Sheelar enters her cupcakes in today’s beer-themed IronCupcake:Milwaukee competition.


December 21 Tweet Rodeo

@The_Wedge links to an NYTimes article on cooking brunch for a crowd (they recommend baked eggs), @MarthaAndTom succinctly review the Bull Run / Rustica collaboration, @Sheelar fittingly gets a tattooed sleeve dedicated to baking (check out the pictures: 1 2 3 4 5), @FlatEarthBrew mixes up some wassail for the week, and @Amy_Boland writes a […]