Seward Co-op

Much Ado About Seward

This Saturday (Apr. 25) from 11am-3pm, Seward Co-op is throwing its CSA fair, where you can meet CSA farmers and learn about what CSA might be best for you. And this Sunday, from noon-5pm, Seward is celebrating its grand opening with spellbinding singer-songwriter Chastity Brown and other bands, plus creative food/art activities for kids, cooking […]


Mar. 2 Morning Roundup

“Delicious, nutty, buttery,” says Johnny Northside in a basically stomach-churning but interesting post about eating silk worm pupae, We Got Served rocks Be’wiched, The A Perfect Pint Beer Club is planning a malt-focused meetup on Mar. 21 ($20), MNBeer touts a Blue Nile Moylan’s and Lion tasting, and Iggers hits the Seward Co-op hot deli.


Yep, It’s a Depression

Mississippi Market is offering a free class on Feb. 18 (registration required) for how to “shop for natural, organic foods without breaking the bank.” You even get coupons! Meanwhile, Seward Co-op is teaching the art of raising chickens to would-be urban farmers on Feb. 19 and Mar. 12. And at the Bloomington Haskell’s? A free […]