Scott Buer

Minnesota Wine Exchange and Morning Roundup

A Minnesota-wines focused wine bar called Minnesota Wine Exchange is coming to Duluth, there’s a good-looking guest speaker list for Fermentation Fest in Reedburg, WI Oct. 12-21 (Sandor Katz, Terese Allen, Scott Buer, etc.), an interesting meditation on the unreadable (to anybody!) Hmong-targeted McDonald’s billboard in St. Paul, a Duluth-area casino cooks up a 2,000-pound […]


Giant Pancakes and Morning Roundup

Why Wisconsin havarti kicks the ass of its Danish counterpart (yeah, them’s fightin’ words), giant pancakes at the Rockin’ Horse Cafe in Richville, Rick interviews some Kenyan farmers working in Wisconsin, memories of the Kin Chu Cafe on Hennepin Ave. (circa 1926-61) tasting notes for Bell’s Oarsman, more gushing about the baked goods at Patisserie […]