MSP Airport Dining Takes Off

The local Delta hub at Concourse G is up for some ambitious gastronomic updates beginning in January 2012, including restaurants with menus overseen and / or created by chefs including Lenny Russo of Heartland (Mill City Tavern), Russell Klein of Meritage (Mimosa), Doug Flicker of Piccolo (Volante), Ann Kim of Pizzeria Lola (Vero), Erick Harcey […]


Restaurant Server Don’ts

The New York Times’ Bruce Buschel is making a list of 100 things his restaurant staff should not do and published the first 50. Waiter Rant responds. (Also see the Heavy Table’s 25 Things Diners Hate About Restaurants and the 25 Things Chefs Hate About You.) [via Kottke and Yoshi in the comments]