October 22 Morning Roundup

The 5-8 Club’s answer to the Big Mac, all about parsnips from Harmony Valley Farm (OK, yes, it’s kind of a slow news day), meditations on “American kobe” from Philip Dorwart, for $12.5K you could vend breathalyzer machines (“at $1 per blow, your revenue could reach $150/per machine CASH MONEY per month”), and thoughts on […]


July 29 Tweet Rodeo

A+ for effort — @MarthaStewart really, really wants you to learn how to peel potatoes, @CooksCrocusHill posted their crop shares for the fall, @RedStagNE advertises their upcoming block party, @France44Cheese is offering 10% off goat cheese if you ask for it, @StubAndHerbs is offering free cheeseburgers outside with the purchase of a $5 beer from […]


Feb. 20 Morning Roundup

While Erin prepares for Restaurant Week, Penny makes some cold weather food with potatoes and cabbage and Jilly prepares some blackened salmon with blue cheese sauce. MN Stories just posted a campy bit from January making stewed chicken and corn bread using, well, solar power. At noon I’m sneaking to the Golden Fig to get […]