Pimm’s Cup and Recipe Roundup

Rhubarb relish, quick pickle dill cucumbers, blackberry salad with creamy feta, the caprese cheeseburger, strawberry jam and sauce, the classic Pimm’s cup (here’s our story on the drink), white sangria, creamy strawberry pie, quinoa with chickpeas and sun-dried tomatoes, and cheese popcorn.


March 8 Recipe Roundup

Gory Fallen Caesar Cookies for the Ides of March, chai-brined chicken, split pea and ham soup recipe, coffee and (Irish) cream fudge bites, a blood orange tart with salted caramel sauce, strawberry-crusted mojito pie, oatmeal pancakes, and Thai-inspired popcorn.


December 22 Tweet Rodeo

Amidst the (slowly improving) employment crisis, we find a bright spot in local business: @MNBeer announces upstart Mankato Brewery is looking for a master brewer, @BrasaRotisserie in St. Paul offers a cheap weekday lunch special, @CookingForDads makes a festive and intriguing holiday appetizer, @EdKohler ranks the tri-flavor popcorn ubiquitous throughout the holiday season (honestly, everyone […]