Pittsburgh Blue

Brewtoad Hops Into View and Morning Roundup

The Twin Cities take the #7 slot on Travel+Leisure’s top 20 Burger Cities list, second graders in St. Paul grow a “pizza garden” in support of Palumbo’s, Iggers visits Tadka Indian Bistro in Uptown, the guys at the Reducer podcast say some nice things about The Bachelor Farmer and Pittsburgh Blue (warning: podcast contains chef-grade […]


January 11 Tweet Rodeo

@ZippsBeer announces today is Hopslam Day (several bars offered parties last night to celebrate), @SanctuaryRest posts the menu for their January 21st five-course dinner collaboration with Alexis Bailly Vineyard, @CaptainsChair claims that Southern Tier’s Choklat Stout smells like Malt-O-Meal, @PittBlueSteak hosts a Glenlivet dinner on the 28th, and @LocalDlish, @MSMarketCoop, and @LindenHillsCoop all provide information […]


November 3 Tweet Rodeo

This seems novel in theory but is probably underwhelming in practice: @SeriousEats suggests turning leftover Halloween candy into pie filling, @Spill_The_Wine announces another wine dinner, @Atlantic_Food shows off wall art for the baking nerd, @Jo_Shroyer gives @MplsFarmMarket an oatmeal-free apple crisp recipe, @PittBlueSteak advertises the Parasole holiday gift card sale, and @BirchwoodCafe invites you to […]