Join MinnPost For Mini-Roast, Their 3rd Birthday Celebration [Sponsored]

Monday, Nov. 8, 2010, 6-8PM at Hell’s Kitchen: for just $25 (or $15 for MinnPost member-donors), Mini-Roast supports high-quality local journalism and features an appetizer buffet, birthday cake, and coffee with free giveaways including tote bags, bumper stickers, and buttons. Hell’s Kitchen’s stage will feature Jay Weiner’s This Is Not Florida Recount Rap, distribution of MinnPost’s […]


End of the Times?

MinnPost reports that the Times Bar and Cafe is closed until further notice for “retooling.” With the apparent fall of this Northeast club, this February seems to be living up to its potential as a historically challenging period for anyone trying to earn a living by selling food / drink / ambiance.