Foxy Falafel

The Return of Chocolate Celeste and October 21 Tweet Rodeo

@ChocolateCeleste is back and open for business, Tom of @MarthaandTom tests (and fails) a potentially revolutionary idea to disastrous results, @CaptainsChair eagerly awaits Darkness Day, @PerennialPlate’s chickens are the star of a new comic, @SurdyksLiquor posts their fall classes, and @FoxyFalafel plans to sell zatar-flavored pita chips this weekend at @KingfieldMarket.


BARS Bakery and September 13 Tweet Rodeo

Want a high-end veggie restaurant in the cities? Sound off to @YoungChef2, @BARSBakery (former Swede Hollow Cafe owner Sandi Younkin’s latest project) opens its doors, @FoxyFalafel dreams of owning a food truck, @SewardCoop offers fresh hen of the woods mushrooms for your cooking pleasure, and @DandelionKtchn posts their schedule for the week.


April 8 Tweet Rodeo

@SurlyBrewing and @FultonBeer visit Chicago for a Craft Brewer’s Conference, @FairFoodFight wants to start a “Crop Mob” and seeks participants, @HellsKitchenMN donates proceeds for their “Warrior of the Week’s” medical bills, @ChefShack1 and @FoxyFalafel look forward to the farmers market season (and post their first dates at the market), and @PracnaOnMain hosts @SurlyBrewing’s Abrasive Ale […]