August 26 Morning Roundup

Zimmern dresses in drag and predicts a dark future for Nick and Eddie, how to make your own homemade bloody mary mix and ketchup at City Pages, Rachel’s back from vacation and sizing up shiny new remakes of grimy old favorites (on Galaxy Drive-In’s food: “all the appeal of a microwavable frozen dinner”), Well Fed […]


June 8 Morning Roundup Part II

Kathie Jenkins gets caught off guard by the mandatory service charge at Bradstreet (Tanpopo does this too, for what it’s worth), Les Petites Images takes the Marx Foods foie gras duck sausage challenge, a lovely series of shots of vegan food by caterers Asase Yaa in our Flickr pool, Trout Caviar goes fishing in Wisconsin […]


Amazing Thailand in Uptown, Minneapolis

Easily one of the most unusual Thai restaurants in the Twin Cities, Amazing Thailand marries an extremely lush and aggressively chic decor to Thai food with a surprising amount of funk and bite. While quality ranges from dish to dish, most of the entrees on offer are sophisticated and relatively soulful executions of American Thai […]