July 3 Morning Roundup

The Pioneer Press offers a burger joint roundup, Martha and Tom make ta’amiya (AKA falafel), City Pages proposes a Winedown roadtrip to New Ulm, nothing goes with honeyed figs like pig, blueberry is the pie of the month at Norske Nook (warning: their blueberry crunch is just killer), the ever-useful CP Month in Review of […]


June 25 Morning Roundup Part II

Iggers finds an odd Indian-inspired Malay dish at Zake (where he also trashes the bento box), two cats plus vegetables, meditations on the term “meathead” and the best burger name of the year (The Lair of the Minotaur), oh Lileks with your zany old milk-related ads from the past, and the Strib dips into Portuguese […]


May 29 Morning Roundup

Trout Caviar whips up some brown trout escabeche with ramps and asparagus, DeRusha’s omnipresent always-streaming Jasoncam catches Don Shelby in the act of stealing a cupcake, a kickass watermelon photo from surlygrrrl in our Flickr group, Katie makes some monsterburgers, and giant beer glasses pop up over at Town Hall [via MNBeer].