Burger Jones to Honor “Naughty Pilots”

Fresh off the heels of news that pilots illegally landed on Lake Calhoun to grab lunch at Burger Jones, on Sat., Jan. 16th, Burger Jones will serve a “Mile High Club Burger” and accept donations for the General Aviation Legal Defense Fund. Meanwhile, the mayor requests “that people not land any more planes on Lake […]


October 5 Morning Roundup

Aaron eats pizza at Chatterbox, Madeline Island’s The Pub, and Sauce Spirits & Soundbar, Scate lists her favorite burger joints, Teddy finds some rare ingredients at Marx Foods, Simple, Good, and Tasty gushes over the latest Harmony Valley produce, and, if you’ve got several hundred thousand dollars to spare, you could be the proud owner […]


October 1 Recipe Roundup

Stuffed maple burger with spicy apple compote (inspired by The Blue Door), baked shrimp in tomato-feta sauce, sun-dried tomatoes by way of the oven, green curry zucchini bisque, maple hoecakes (who you callin’… oh, never mind), chocolate bundt cake with brown sugar and walnut layers, squash bisteeya, oatmeal sweet potato muffins, and fresh fig, prosciutto, […]