May 25 Morning Roundup

Alexis tries the food at the newly opened Taco Riendo (2416 Central) and gives it a half-hearted “meh,” MNBeer gets briefly scammed into declaring Beer Dabbler festival canceled (although the Stillwater event really is), Aaron got his hands on some Westvleteren, herb cocktails for the holiday weekend at Green Your Plate, Kris has a problem […]


Apr. 3 Morning Roundup

TC Restaurant Blog correctly IDs Q Fanatic’s BBQ as being insanely good, “call it what you want, bingo is here to stay,” proclaims the Strib in a moment of borderline self-parody, the Birchwood will be hosting a pretty friggin’ good-looking Earth Day Beer Dinner ($75 a person) [via MNBeer], and Philip Dorwart — my favorite writer these […]