April Fool’s

Fools, Both April and Regular

Stephanie March presents a compendium of local food April Fools jokes (hey, what’s our Prince’s fridge documentary doing in there?) and City Pages documents a “joke” posted at Red’s Savoy Pizza based on the idea that a dog that attacks a Somali cab driver, Muslims at prayer, “rappers,” and “illegals wearing Obama t-shirts” is wonderful […]


Shot From (Souffle) Guns

Shefzilla — getting firmly into the spirit of the day — reports that Manny’s has developed a “revolutionary” souffle gun that can produce souffles to order. First three flavors slated: Grand Marnier, passion fruit and Kopi Luwak (coffee shat by civet cats).


Red Lobster to Acquire Oceanaire

Happy April Fool’s Day. Zimmern posts some thoughtful words about the “sliding scale” that cuts local restaurants slack versus comparable operations on either coast, Kris proposes the craft-brew driven Beer Bank in a vacant bank location in Eagan, a Chowhound talks up Date Night at the Red Stag, and Jonesinforfood celebrates a meatless meatloaf recipe.