Serum’s Good Time Emporium in Anoka


  1. Rodney

    I have to agree with the assessment of the flavors you chose. It’s unfortunate that you did not try their two best flavors. The Colorado Coppers have a slight sweetness with a nice mustard kick. The Chernobyl’s have a bit of a vinegary twang. Most of their heat comes from a slurry of pepper flakes. If you ever decide to give them another try, I would recommend those two flavors.

  2. al

    “tornado” is the mascot of the Anoka High School team. The name. Whatever. Just to add that extra level of intimate knowledge.

  3. Karlitto's

    “Loon Approved” should literally be a status symbol. Louie’s small decal image on the door as a tremolo declaring a happy feeding ground. The guano list would also be appreciated, as a means of giving wide berth to tasteless tragedies.

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