Scandinavian Donuts at Lindstrom Bakery

Jill Lewis / Heavy Table

Hungry or not, frequent travelers on U.S. Highway 8 through Minnesota’s Chisago County can’t help but notice the sign beckoning to them as they drive through Lindstrom. Scandinavian Donut. Regardless if it’s time for breakfast or mid-afternoon, sugar-glaze fiends may find it hard to tune out the call of sweet, flaky donuts. So if they pull over and saunter into Lindstrom Bakery, will they find a donut nirvana waiting for them?

Jill Lewis / Heavy Table

Sadly, no. A recent visit to Lindstrom Bakery, a mere 15 minutes after the advertised promise of “fresh and hot” rolls by 7:30 am Monday through Saturday, was beyond disappointing. The dry, seemingly day-old donuts (60ยข each) were no magical treat designed to put a sugary smile to your face and a good start to your day. Of the four varieties (plain, cinnamon and sugar, glazed, and chocolate drizzles), only the glazed and the chocolate drizzle donuts offered any comfort, with their respective toppings adding much-needed moisture.

When asked what makes the donuts Scandinavian, the woman at the counter replied, “I don’t know, dear, but they say the Scandinavian is better. It’s supposed to be crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.” Crunchy — nope. Soft — nope. Picture a warm, light, and fluffy Krispy Kreme donut, and then imagine its polar opposite. That’s the Scandinavian donut.

So the next time you cruise through Lindstrom, don’t let that sign tempt you. Sugary bliss does not wait for you inside. It’s a cruel lesson to learn on a cold winter’s day.


  1. Alexis

    Aw, I’m sad to hear the Lindstrom Bakery didn’t deliver. I grew up not far from it and my dad used to drive out there on the odd Sunday and bring home Scandinavian donuts. They’re the reason I taught myself how to make donuts as a kid.

  2. Ryan

    Maybe you had a bad batch. These are fantastic donuts. We stop here (and Eichten’s) every time we visit the inlaws in WI. Crispy on the outside, and nice and moist on the inside every time I’ve had them. I don’t know what makes them scandinavian either, but it doesn’t matter when they’re that good.

  3. Art

    This review made me stop in there today. Luckily, they are as excellent as they have always been. Ever try dunking a Krispy Kreme donut? Not gonna happen. These are a different animal, and I and many others prefer them. Light & flaky – no. You need a raised yeast donut for that. These are cake donuts, and the best around. Crunchy on the outside? Yes! Light on the inside? Not even close, but great. And pick up some Limpa Rye while you are there, after arguing with the wife whether or not to get it with orange peel. Toast it & butter it. Real authentic great food. Not affiliated – just a grateful fan.

  4. Jo

    Jill, you couldn’t be more wrong. I just recently tried the Scandinavian donut, and my entire family is addicted. If you you were looking for so much sugar it makes you gag, well you can get the same old same old at the gas station down the street. These are a delicious, fresh and slightly unique take on the old-fashioned donut and better than ANYTHING I’ve had yet.

  5. K

    I have to say I agree that the donuts there are a disappointment. I don’t care for Crispy Cremes though either!!! World’s best donuts in Grand Marais though… now we’re talking!!!!!

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