Pollo Campero Reviewed and Morning Roundup

A DC food blog raves up Surly’s Coffee Bender (which is served at exactly one DC-area restaurant), some bold ways to pair beer and chocolate, a thoughtful (and intriguing) look at Pollo Campero in St. Paul, one of the more withering Rick Nelson ledes in quite some time (“There are several reasons why Rojo Mexican Grill is worth a visit. I’m sorry to say that eating isn’t near the top of the list.”), a new organization dedicated to tracking down clean pint glasses in local beer-serving establishments, looks like alpaca’s going to be popping up on menus, a Duluth lawmaker wants to legalize alcohol sales on Sundays in part to staunch a giant outflow of tax revenue over to Wisconsin, two Wisconsinite food writers deconstruct the Isthmus Beer & Cheese Fest (here’s our coverage from last year), and ESPN gives the Wisconsin cheese industry a bit of love.