Patisserie 46: Behind the Scenes

Eve Daniels recently went behind the scenes at Patisserie 46, Minneapolis’ Kingfield neighborhood’s European-style gem.


  1. Pastrygirl

    John’s work (and the work of his staff) and his words are beautiful. We are blessed to have him and his philosophy here. John, thanks for the great food I’ve already had….and all the great food to come!

  2. Joy

    Fabulous video! Behind the scenes shots and baker’s philosophy, all rolled into one. Keep the videos coming!

  3. Jason Walker

    Wow! Great, great job.
    Patisserie 46 is a jewel. Kraus’ description of the atmosphere there is exactly what I’ve experienced: You’re eating the most exquisite pastries and drinking some really top-notch coffee, yet there isn’t an air of pretension in the place.

  4. carri

    I’d argue Kraus’ description of the atmosphere is completely inaccurate based on my experiences at Patisserie 46. The clientele that visits Patisserie 46 is nothing but pretentious. I live a couple blocks away and continue to patron this bakery because of the quality of food they provide. However, there are times I change my mind about going there because I can’t deal with the other customers who are mostly made up of rude, Lake Harriet, entitlement, snobs. Their lack of respect and consideration for the other customers, waiting in line, makes my head explode. There’s nothing Patisserie 46 can do about this, I’m just saying a few bad apples can make this a dreadful experience.

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