food purveyors from the North Coast Nosh 2

North Coast Nosh II at Peace Coffee: The Recap

North Coast Nosh 2 at Peace Coffee Cafe
Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

We had so much fun with our first local purveyor sip-and-sample event that we decided to try it again. Last Friday night, The Heavy Table and the Peace Coffee Cafe Wonderland Park Coffee Shop hosted nearly 20 different purveyors at a friendly, low-key gathering. Guests grazed through samples of cheese, charcuterie, baked goods, cider, honey, wine, beer, cocktails, street food, artisanal soda, and more. Ticket sales benefited the food justice program the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and The Heavy Table.

(Note: If you couldn’t make it to this event, stay tuned for an announcement of an upcoming Nosh scheduled for January 2012.)

Minnesota-made food was the heart of the evening. Below, from top down: The Green Ox Meat Company, Faribault Dairy, Bogart Loves Bakery, Sweets Bakeshop, the IATP (left) and volunteer Benjamin Pernitz, Bees Kneez Honey and Bare Honey, and our complimentary logo-printed sampling glasses.

food purveyors from the North Coast Nosh 2
All photos Becca Dilley, except for Anne Rucker of Bogart Loves portrait (Natalie Champa Jennings)

Street food was a new component to the North Coast Nosh, and one that we hope to continue at future events. We rolled the dice for good weather, and got a “7” — it was mild in the high ’60s with a light breeze and sunny skies. Below, from top down: The street food food court, World Street Kitchen, Saucy Burt’s, Natedogs, Vellee Deli, Hola Arepa, and Joia Soda.

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

Below, from top to bottom: Crispin Cider, Saint Croix Vineyards, Bittercube, Summit Brewing Company, Harriet Brewing, and Common Roots Catering.

the cider, wine, beer, cocktails and pretzels of North Coast Nosh 2
Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

Peace Coffee served up coffee to order at the end of the night. We tried the smoked salt caramel latte (below) and thought it was stellar.

Peace Coffee coffee drink from North Coast Nosh 2
Becca Dilley / Heavy Table


  1. April King

    Was great running into JN at the Nosh and getting a chance to talk food. Lots of fun vendors, and plenty of good things to sample. I sure went home happy and with a full belly. :)

  2. howard_child

    OK – I know we all try to sound really hip and type cool funky things to sound rad and tight. Let me just ‘thank you’ for posting this event up so that my husband and I could go. We have 3 young, rambunctious boys, one with special needs. (please so violin) so I am home literally 24/7. Even though Nicolett Mall is just 3 miles away I just cannot step outside to try a food truck nor most of the these places.
    Needless to say we/I had the time of our lives!! Every morsel was savored, every baker/maker/trucker was thanked. It was a perfect crisp fall night. This Friday nosh night really meant a lot to me, just to let you know.
    Note: Enjoyed all the food trucks but wowzers: WSK had it going on! Saucy Burt’s really does sport the high heel shoes, very adorable and Bogart’s brown butter doughnut was pure criminal – I never knew a doughnut until that night.
    Keep posting up these food events – would love to come and support you all.

  3. Moe

    Yeah, it was an awesome time. My wife had never experienced the food truck movement until that night, and she loved it so much we went downtown yesterday for lunch and went to Hola Arepas. So so good.

  4. James Norton

    Great to hear the warm feedback from everyone – seemed like a great vibe the night of, too. We were really honored by the turnout (and that’s both guests and vendors.)

    We’re hoping to turn this into an ongoing series – I hope to have an announcement about a January event sometime later this month.

  5. Marie

    How can I find out about these events ahead of time? This looks amazing and I would love to participate.

  6. James Norton

    Hey Marie,

    Your best bet is to follow Heavy Table on RSS and/or subscribe to our newsletter – we’ll always announce these events on our site. The plan at the moment is for ticket price to always be at or below $25, depending on vendors, location, costs, etc.


  7. Ellen

    Somebody help! I live in Elk River…Need I say more?
    Is there a secret place that I don’t know about? The closest thing I’ve found to okay food is Minne’s diner, good but not great… There’s a pizza place in Zimmerman that opens its sauce from a can and a DQ. There’s a Sonic that brings out cold fries and a Perkins that specializes in soggy iceberg lettuce, but I grew up on fresh greens, fresh fish, real olive oil, bread fresh from the oven.Hommemade past,Prime rib that’s juicy, steak that tastes like steak not liver, toothsome bagels, Southern fried chicken (not baked and advertised as fried) etc, etc…
    Where is the closest authentic high quality meal?. 4 stars, to diner, I don’t care.. it’s quality ingredients and attentive preparation that matter.. HELP! HELP! HELP!

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