Monk’s Blood Brewing at Cold Spring

Kate NG Sommers / Heavy Table
Kate NG Sommers / Heavy Table

Today marks the release of a new brew to the Twin Cities market. At first, Minnesota doesn’t look a natural launching site for San Francisco-based 21st Amendment Brewery‘s new beer, Monk’s Blood. That is, until you learn that while it was formulated and microbrewed on location in its original brewpub just blocks from the Bay Bridge, 21st Amendment has started mass production brewing just south of St. Cloud in Cold Spring at its namesake brewery.

Kate NG Sommers / Heavy Table
Kate NG Sommers / Heavy Table

The water quality along with the access to canning machines creates a symbiotic relationship between the two partners that enables 21st Amendment to brew enough to meet their demands (an impossible feat at their brewpub) while supporting the Minnesota economy.

Monk’s Blood is a specialty ale made in honor of Beligan monks who, when fasting, are allowed only to drink beer. During this time the beer is truly the lifeline of the monks and, one could say, runs through their blood.

Created with the encroaching winter season in mind, it is spicy and full with a creamy mouth feel.  Made with an unusual assortment of cinnamon, vanilla beans, and black mission figs, this brew would match perfectly with a rich meal of roast beast, savoured alongside apple pie, or received as a welcomed favor at holiday parties.

Kate NG Sommers / Heavy Table
Kate NG Sommers / Heavy Table

The 21st Amendment crew will be touring the Minneapolis area throughout the weekend. One can expect to find such delicacies as beer can chicken, a 21-can salute, and the sampling of 21st Amendment creations including Monk’s Blood, Through Hell or High Watermelon wheat (complete with a Watermelon randall to truly impart the fruit flavor), Back In Black IPA, and Brew Free or Die IPA.

21st Amendment Events

Tonight starting at 4pm at Grumpy’s NE (2200 4th St NE, Minneapolis) until late

Tasting tonight at Dennis Brothers Liquors (Ste 150, 7155 Jorgensen Ln, Cottage Grove)

Saturday at Mac’s Industrial Sports Bar (312 Central Ave SE, Minneapolis) from 6-9pm

Sunday at Gastro Non Grata

Kate NG Sommers / Heavy Table
Kate NG Sommers / Heavy Table


  1. andy

    Wow! Talk about ironies! The same plant that made Jakob Hackstein, Stite, and other really really awful beers is making this stuff. Contract brewing can be a funny business!

  2. Jonny

    @ andy

    You’re probably too young to recall Cold Spring Export, but did you ever try Quake?

    Looking forward to trying these new canned offerings.

  3. andy

    I’m probably not that young, but really good beer has only been on my scope the last five years or so. I don’t actually travel that much, but hopefully some of this stuff makes it up to the Lakes Area. It’s good to see another heavy hitter get distributed in Minnesota!

  4. gastro non grata

    21st Amendment kickoff party Gastro Non Grata, today Nov. 22. Triple Rock, doors at 6, try three 21st amendment beers, 3 sample courses by Landon Schonfeld and awesome music. Go to for more info.

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