Michael Pollan at the Galleria in Edina

Author Michael Pollan appears at Barnes & Noble Galleria location tonight at 7pm to talk about In Defense of Food.


  1. Farmer John

    I’m disappointed by his venues.

    Last time it was the Arboretum at $80 a ticket,

    Kinda hard to sell his views as a solution to our food system when he caters to the wealthy.

  2. HungryinSW

    Conflicted – have a reservation on W.A. Frost’s lovely patio on what could be a pristine night, but at the same time I love Pollan’s books and this is a rare opportunity to meet him. I’ve read the books, that’s good enough, right? Plus Barnes and Noble doesn’t serve cocktails. I’m sure someone out there will post on it.

  3. Kris

    I’d love to hear him speak in person but since there isn’t an admission fee (as far as I can tell), I’m afraid it’ll be a madhouse. Agree with Hungry that someone will likely post about it or there’ll be a video floating about.

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