Merlins Rest to Refresh Menu

Fresh from winning CP’s Best Neighborhood Bar award, Merlins Rest is fixing up what many would say has been lacking: the food. According to manager Tracie Munce, they’re switching to St. Agnes bread, they’ll use Thousand Hills beef for their burgers, and they started sourcing more of their ingredients fresh from local sources. The new menu drops May 9th.


  1. Gloria

    The beers are fantastic! Bells Two Hearted just got added to the taps as of Friday when I went there and if you think PBR is good, they got that too now! I think their beers are the best in town! Tell me another bar that has the Scottish Ale, Bellhaven on tap?

  2. Moe

    Bells Two Hearted is a good start, and you’re right, Bellhaven on tap is awesome. I would just love to see more local beers.

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