June 14 Morning Roundup

Three more local cases of E. coli are linked to raw milk, Localicious airs a show taped at the Ralph Lentz farm in Lake City, a classy vintage Fritos ad, Simple Good and Tasty is having an event at The Marsh in Minnetonka, Aaron calls the pizza at the Grand Ole Creamery “flavorful and difficult to not keep eating,” and Bill has mixed praise for Salsa Lady’s hot salsa (“Curt’s is hotter, cheaper, more easily available to me…”)

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  1. Chris_

    The Hartmann farm’s response was laughable (“One has to be concerned about the intentions of state regulators who choose to conduct their prosecution of milk producers through the media.” C’mon, really??) They really should own up and figure out a solution, if only to not insult their customers’ intelligence.

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