Hello Febgiving: A Cocktail

John Fox / Heavy Table
John Fox / Heavy Table

Editor’s note: We’ll have a barn-burner of a Febgiving story posting Monday, Feb. 16. And if you’re a mixologist, don’t miss our Winter Cocktail Contest.

Many dedicated Heavy Tablers know and celebrate the sweet, merciful holiday of Febgiving. In the coldest days of February, which often seem to carry into March for much of the Upper Midwest, a celebration is needed to revive the spirit in the hope that spring will someday come. While many rely on the old tradition of opening up jams and jellies, some prefer their fruit in liquid form. Hello Febgiving is a drink that brings tastes of the season together with a little champagne to add to the revelry.

For a simple and elegant beverage, add gin and cran-apple juice to a shaker of ice and strain into a rocks glass or Champagne flute. Top off the glass with dry sparkling wine, and you’re good to go.

While I regularly keep three or more varieties of gin on the shelf, for this recipe I suggest the stalwart bottle of Seagram’s. The strong juniper note and sturdy character won’t be overpowered by the sweetness of the fruit or the effervescence of the bubbly. Select a bottle of brut Champagne, as the cran-apple will provide plenty of sweetness. I also prefer to serve this concoction out of my favorite drink dispenser, pictured here, so perhaps cabin fever is beginning to take its toll.

By the glass:
1 oz. gin
2½ oz. cran-apple juice
2½ oz. brut Champagne

For the whole party:
10 oz. gin
25 oz. cran-apple juice
25 oz. (one bottle) brut Champagne