Heidi’s Adds Brunch and Morning Roundup

Heidi’s adds brunch, Slow Food Minnesota announces Big River Slow Food,the last lobster boil of the season, Surly and Three Floyds will make beautiful beer together, your new favorite obscure liquor, our own Elizabeth Millard starts an urban organic farm and needs your help, learn about old-time spices at the Ren. Fest., the Minnesota Department of Revenue names and shames establishments 10-plus days late on their liquor taxes., United Noodle’s deli gets a new chef, and Jason gets lost on his way to the Marvel Bar and loves it.

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  1. shefzilla

    Thank you for the mention, I am very excited about the whole thing. I’ve wanted to do it for years, since zoe in ny really. Got to admit that I am out of my element, and there are a lot of folks that do it very well, Grand Cafe is one of my favorites.

    The bar is set high, but we have been practicing for a few months with our patio. I wish my mom was in town, she loves brunch, even more than me.

    Hope to see you Heavy Tablers over here, peace. stew

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