Heavy Table Seeks Editorial Intern

Dear Readers,

Because our founding editorial intern up and moved to Paris on us (bon voyage, Yvonne!), we’re in the market for a new one.

The ideal candidate is in college or engaged in post-graduate study (subject not particularly important), has a passionate interest in food generally and local food in particular, and is comfortable reading and writing in a journalistic capacity. Clips and journalistic experience desirable, but not a must.

Duties vary, but typically include light data entry (upkeeping our Google map, for example), phone calls and other supporting research on behalf of our writers, and the occasional odd miscellaneous editorial task as it may or may not pop up. Workload is anywhere from a couple hours a week up to whatever you’d like to put in, plus the odd staff meeting every few weeks or so.

The position is unpaid, but we do welcome story ideas from our interns and will endeavor to impart at least a pinch of journalistic knowledge to whomever fills the role.

Candidates should email editor@heavytable.com with a brief resume, a letter of introduction / interest, and a clip or two, if available.

Application period closes Friday, Oct. 9.

Guten Appetit,

James Norton
The Heavy Table