Hate the Game, Not the Chef

A want ad for an upscale sous chef says: “No more than 2 jobs within the last 5 years.” With the way restaurants close / merge / fire people at random, doesn’t this seem draconian? Is it fair to blame a chef for having a hodgepodge resume in a hodgepodge industry?

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  1. Nate

    The restaurant game in very nomadic, but sometimes a chef’s resume is ridiculous. For example, Col Mustard (Landon Schoenfeld) has worked at around 10 restaurants in the last 2 years. That is borderline foolish in how many places he has been.

    What I’m saying is that in some cases it falls on the person and some fault they must have (i.e. strong personality that can’t get along with anyone for more than a short time). I don’t know my above example personally but there must be something about him where he cannot stay at one place.

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