Flowchart: Let’s Eat Doughnuts!

Emily Schnobrich / Heavy Table


  1. Midwesterner

    Superb chart. Particularly timely since I’ve been reading the Donut Shop Mystery series by Jessica Beck, triggering donut cravings.

  2. Deanna

    I would avoid Mojo Monkey, at least on the weekend, for a few weeks. The crowds last weekend were CRAZY.

    Another little tip – they don’t have their bismarks, fritters, maple bars or donut holes ready for sale before 930 AM. This was particularaly disappointing to learn AFTER I placed a special order for Sunday (while standing in line Saturday for 20 minutes waiting to buy some of their FABULOUS red velvet cake donuts) and was direct to arrive “anytime after 8 AM.” I woke up early on a Sunday to be told that the only donuts available from my list would be the made to order beighnets. I was then told that I could wait or come back after 930 if I really wanted to…but that they still couldn’t guarantee that any of the bismark fillings that I had on my list would be made that day, either. I guess the list of a dozen or so flavors on their large, permanent sign are simply a sampling of POSSIBLE flavors.

    Even though I’m really upset about the BAD customer service, most of the donuts are so good that I’ll still be going back. In a month. At about 930. On a weekday. HOPING that they will have had the time to train their counter staff in the meantime.

  3. TMK

    Neat-o. In order of my personal preference (of the places listed that I’ve been to): 1. YoYo, 2. Bogart Loves, 3. Sarah Jane’s, 4. Patisserie 46, 5. Patrick’s, 6. Wuollet, 7. Mel-O-Glaze, 8. A Baker’s Wife. Donuts aren’t even my favorite sweet, but somehow I’ve had one at all.

  4. Stu B

    The vegan donut is a good thing especially when a person is intensely lactose intolerant. The donuts at The Donut Cooperative are very good and the vegan choice are a great alternative to milk containing regular donuts.

  5. Nat

    We love A Baker’s Wife’s donuts so much, we had them at our wedding as giveaways with little apple cider containers. Deanna, I know you didn’t experience the best customer service but everytime you mentioned one of the delectables at Mojo Monkey, I got hungrier! :)

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