Fat Lorenzo’s in Nokomis, Minneapolis

Katie Cannon / Heavy Table
Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

Editor’s Note, Aug. 4, 2016: Fat Lorenzo’s has declined markedly in quality.

The neighborhood pizza joint par excellence, Fat Lorenzo’s uses top-grade cheese and world-class tomatoes to give its pies a milky, creamy, tangy taste that helps them rank among the best classic pizza in the Cities. An imported gelato machine (which reportedly cost the owner $195,000 to buy and install) cranks out creamy, silken Italian-style ice cream that is tasty even in the winter, and downright mind-blowing in the heat of July.

Outdoor dining makes the restaurant an ideal stop during the summer months, and  a series of hand-painted murals make both the exterior and interior of the restaurant sparkle with earthy charm.

Contrasted with the upscale hipsterism of Pizza Luce or the lean-and-highbrow approach of Pizza Nea, Black Sheep or Punch, Fat Lorenzo’s manages to be accessible and old-school without selling out quality. It’s also worth noting that their single slices of pizza are massive, and more than enough for a small or average-sized person’s lunch.

BEST BET: There’s no reason not to come to Fat Lorenzo’s for the pizza. But once you’ve given that a try, the Garlic Chicken hot hoagie ($7.89) is absolutely worth sampling; it unquestionably ranks among the best sandwiches in the Twin Cities. Served on fluffy, toasted bread and with a side of hot marinara, this garlic-marinated chicken sandwich comes with onions, green and banana peppers and generous amounts of mozzarella. Serves two, unless you’re starving.

Fat Lorenzo’s
Pizza in Nokomis, Minneapolis
5600 Cedar Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55417
OWNER/CHEF: Scott and Laura Siegel
Sun-Thu 11am-10pm
Fri-Sat 11am-11pm
BAR: Beer and Wine