Donating Out

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I always wondered what it would feel like to “feel good” about myself after eating out at a restaurant, aside from all of the wonderful additions to the experience: calories, budget, the fact that it’s only Tuesday night and I’m already too lazy to cook at home. But then something happened to me not too long ago during my last dining experience. After indulging my inner-selfish yearning for fresh seared scallops atop a bed of Parmesan risotto, I found out that just by eating my meal, another meal was donated to someone on my behalf.

My mind was blown at this point. After I finished my meal and threw my napkin on the table to declare victory over my empty plate, my server brought me the check. I opened the fancy leather-bound check presenter, and on the inside, engraved in bold lime-green font, I read the words, “Thanks for dining. Thanks for donating.

My mind was a little more blown at this point. I immediately checked out the site on my phone and I found out that other restaurants across the Twin Cities are partnering with this project. Much to my amazement, I also found out that not only can I donate a meal, but I also get to choose where that meal donation will be ending up. Wait a minute… that’s an interesting twist to doing something good for someone.

My mind was totally blown at this point. OK, so, apart from what appeared as my effortless ability to help out a person in need, I started to think that my donation wasn’t as effortless after all. In other words, my active decision to go out and eat at this restaurant is all it took to donate to someone else on my behalf.

So after I paid for my food and wrapped things up, I realized just how clever this thing actually was. I didn’t have to adopt a child. I didn’t have to write a check. It was simple. All I had to do was eat.

Now that’s some tasty-good-causiness. And I would recommend it to anybody.

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