Cafe Maude taking over for Nick and Eddie

Cafe Maude, the South Minneapolis bistro known for being at the forefront of the local craft cocktail scene, is opening a new location at soon-to-close Nick and Eddie, 1612 Harmon Place, Minneapolis. A staffer at Maude confirmed the move and said the new location should open next month; the original Maude will remain open as usual.


  1. pepper jack shepard

    Yes Matt, and the new location won’t open until at least June.

    They are completely re hauling the space. Not simply “taking over”

  2. A Little Brid

    The owner of N&E is dropping the lease and moving across the alley to the larger warehouse space nearby, where he’s building a new and better soundbar for live music. I’m not at liberty to divulge the name they will be launching under sometime in May, but before the official opening there will be a show on April 12 where you can get an early peek at the place. Event details here:

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