Booya in the Sukkah

Sarah McGee / Heavy Table

The Jewish Community Center of the Greater St. Paul Area combined (possibly for the first time) two harvest-time traditions this Sunday: the Jewish calendar’s autumn holiday of Sukkot and the St. Paul ritual of communal stew known as booya.┬áThe stew (kosher, of course) was dished up at the price of $5 for all-you-can eat to dozens of guests, including some who sat in the ritual Sukkot shelter known as the sukkah. A band played klezmer music as the group dined on its booya, a tasty, well-seasoned affair laden with turkey and beef.

Sarah McGee / Heavy Table



  1. AnneInMpls

    Have I told you lately how much I love Only you guys would do a story on booya in the sukkah. I love you guys!

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