Big Ol’ 2012 MN State Fair News Roundup

Rick’s authoritative State Fair food roundup and ranking, how new foods fight their way into the Fair, your Day 2 beer guide to the Fair from,’s Supertaster (i.e. me) hits the Fair, we’re generally big Sara Boyd fans but we have serious questions about how she can endorse that heartbreakingly bad bacon ice cream, and Rachel, seriously, those Pit of Despair-evocative cheeseburger sticks?!, a greener visit to the State Fair, and DeRusha eats lamb testicles.


  1. Sara Boyd

    Haha, sorry to disappoint, Jim. I don’t know what to tell ya. I really didn’t think it was awful. Perhaps I just got a better scoop — or perhaps it was just what I was craving after having the boring and blah Cereal Killer ice cream. I stand behind it, tho. I do agree with you about the portion size, however.

  2. James Norton

    I actually agree (“awful” would probably be an overstatement), but for us, if you’re going to do bacon ice cream DO BACON ICE CREAM. It felt like a cop-out. And, ah, yeah, Cereal Killer. For me, the name and the setting (the normally excellent Blue Moon Diner) really raised my expectations sky high … and then it was basically vanilla soft serve with some honey nut Cheerios or Cocoa Puffs sprinkled on it. I’m sure those guys will get their mojo back next year.

  3. Sara Boyd

    I totally understand your argument — could’ve used more. But even so, is there such a thing as “enough bacon?” Seems like an oxy moron to me :)

  4. James Norton

    Ha! Totally true. I think for us, it was a ratio thing: that ice cream was 150:1 ice cream:bacon, and we think 15:1 could’ve worked really well. With some big, salty, crunchy bits in there.

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