Bad Weather Due Date 2

Rick Didora / Heavy Table

St. Paul’s Bad Weather Brewing often flies under the radar. Even after a move and major expansion into its own space on West 7th Street in St. Paul, it continues to release high-quality beer with little publicity. With few brewing neighbors — only Tin Whiskers Brewing Company and the recently opened Barrel Theory Beer Company — the expansive taproom just west of downtown draws a crowd of regulars as well as those in town for events.

Bad Weather celebrated its fourth anniversary this spring, marking the occasion by brewing its first-ever lager, a helles-style beer, in addition to Due Date 2, a sequel to its first-anniversary beer.

Rick Didora / Heavy Table

Due Date 2 is similar in style to its predecessor but is ultimately in a league of its own. The English-style barleywine has dates added and was aged in brandy and port barrels. Having been cellared for the months since its April release, the bottle doesn’t have the alcoholic punch that barrels could add, but there is a heat to the aroma and the first few sips.

Caramel and fresh bread crust meet the nose, while cherry and fig esters come through as the glass warms to cellar temperature. The taste is golden-brown-marshmallow meets raisin-bread-pudding. The dates are found after swallowing, though the entire glass sings of rich, preserved stone fruit. The port barrel character is mild, while the brandy seems to underscore the rich fruit, and a light woody element is felt on exhale.

Pair Due Date 2 with caramelized-onion pizza or grilled plums. It’s perfect for breezy nights when the air conditioning can be turned off.

Bad Weather Brewing Company, 414 7th St W, St. Paul; 651.207.6627