James Norton

James Norton is editor and co-founder of the Heavy Table. He is also the co-author of Lake Superior Flavors, the co-author of a book about Wisconsin’s master cheesemakers, and a regular on-air contributor to Minnesota Public Radio.

Izzy’s People’s Flavor Awards

It’s annual, it’s got a surprisingly modest prize, but people love it: It’s Izzy’s invitation to the public to come up with their own ice flavor for the shop. Recipes are due May 10, celebration takes place June 28. This year, there’s a new “So Local” category, too, which is pretty swell.


Feb. 11 Morning Roundup

Just in time for Valentine’s, Rachel Hutton tells tales of proposals and sexy hijinks taking place in various area restaurants, The Captain’s Chair spins the story (and video) of brewing a Summit Winter Ale clone, the Well fed Guide to Life releases episode 47 (taped at the Red Dragon and featuring a Winterfest recap), StuccoHouse […]


Hell’s Kitchen, Duluth — Shaky Ground?

Via email, chef/owner Mitch Omer of Hell’s Kitchen plugs his restaurant’s appearance on a special episode of Bizarre Foods tonight — Travel Channel, 9pm. He also makes reference to the difficulty of getting the Duluth branch up and rolling: “While our downtown Minneapolis underground lair is busy as hell, our poor little sister up in […]


Jan. 10 Morning Roundup

Girl Friday is featured on Sexy Food, an Andrew Zimmern joint on the Travel Channel that airs at 9 and 10pm tonight, the always-excellent Tanpopo has an intriguing sushi workshop coming up March 22, Reetsyburger reviews Ngon Vietnamese bistro, and Twin Cities Eats nails the Leaning Tower of Pizza for its “DRY” pies.