August 18 Tweet Rodeo

@NoReservations sings Thai food’s praises while @MplsFarmMarket offers a recipe for Thai eggplant, @JamButter continues a spirited debate of the future of commodity subsidies, obesity, and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), @ChefShack1 announces “Chef Shack Dos” (coming soon!), @SippitySup offers a winning recipe for tomato-saffron-peppadew pepper scallops, and @SweetCheeksBaby reminds you to stop by Midtown Global Market to hear Growing Power’s Will Allen speak on food justice.


  1. SippitySup

    Wow, thanks for noticing little ole! I feel honored. And guess what I’ll be in the Twin Cities for 2 hours on Aug 25. Sadly I will not be able to leave the airport. Is there any Minnesota-ean must not miss foods at the airport? GREG

  2. Maja

    Hey, no problem!

    While the food at MSP is hardly representative of the culinary prowess and diversity available in the greater Twin Cities (and Minnesota on a whole), you can still avoid the McDonalds in favor of something a little bit better :) I usually stop at D’Amico & Sons (a local chain featuring reasonably priced Italian-themed pasta salads and sandwiches; the original higher-end D’Amico Cucina recently closed and the group is now taking over Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s old space at the Chambers Hotel) or French Meadow Bakery, another Minnesotan staple that features locally made organic baked goods.

    Hope you have a good flight!

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