Amore Coffee Out at Grand Avenue?

An email from Cathy Hauser of Amore Coffee, slightly abridged: “It’s official, Amore Coffee was given its notice to vacate Grand Avenue by the end of March. The ‘Big Box’ chain, Anthropologie, an Urban Outfitters store will be taking over the whole Milton Mall space. Salut and Park Dental will remain. Help us try to stay…write to Hector Pacheco of Anthropologie [email address removed] and impress upon him your desire to have Amore stay. Amore Coffee has been on Grand for 18 years! And is the last independent coffee shop on the avenue! … Let’s let them know that we value independent, caring community shops and want Amore to continue to serve our neighborhood.”  UPDATED, FEB. 9: Amore Coffee contacted The Heavy Table and said that, in response to a cease and desist order, that they were asking their customers to cease the campaign.


  1. geoff

    True, “big box” might not be the exact term for it, but it’s a move from an indie stand alone shop to a chain store. And that’s a shame. When I first moved to The Cities 11 years ago I worked @ con amore for a few months while I treed to figure out where to go with my career…nothing but fond memories

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