A Minneapolis Street Food Update

Emily Schnobrich, reporting for the Heavy Table, attended a public meeting on Tuesday about a proposal to loosen restrictions on street food in downtown Minneapolis — a move with possible implications for the city at large. Thorough notes from the meeting and details on next Monday’s public hearing available here (as a PDF).


  1. Eric

    It’s nice to see that the ball rolling here, but even this plan seems a little flawed.

    Midnight shutdown? Why not 3am?

  2. Andrew

    Seems like the people with Bar LaGrassa are serving up a slow pitch over home plate with the idea of street vendor items around the downtown area and more important the New Target stadium!
    Welcome Cart LaGrassa and the menu items are still ” Cloudly with a chance of Meatballs” but my guess is ball park customers will be walking into traffic with the smell of truffle oil and bacon in the drifting winds from Cart LaGrassa

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