Wisconsin Cheese Gnocchi and Recipe Roundup

Wisconsin cheese gnocchi, vegetable Thai yellow curry, planked salmon, orange aioli with grains and roasted beets, banana sandwich cupcakes, baked eggs with herbs and crispy prosciutto, and stuffed poblano peppers.

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Tricia Cornell

Tricia has been called the mother of “world-class veggie eaters” in the Star Tribune (that is patently untrue) and an “industrious home cook” in the New York Times (true, but was it a compliment?). She loves Brussels sprouts, hates squash, and would choose salty and sour flavors over sweet just about any day. She is the author of Eat More Vegetables, published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press in 2012, and The Minnesota Farmers Market Cookbook, published by Voyageur Press in 2014.

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