The Churn: New Brew From Enki and More

Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

Enki Brewing will bring craft beer to Victoria, MN. A write-up on the Skuna salmon dinner at Borough (pictured above; here’s our review). Groundswell Coffee in St. Paul will offer a beer or wine a day in return for a $1,000 investment. Leech Lake Brewery is for sale. A Chicago cheese shop gets serious about American cheese and affinage. Details on the Twin Cities Daily Planet Winter Party and Sausage Fest. How buying cupcakes can contribute to saving local moose. (Mooses? Meese?) The St. Croix Chocolate Company is doing a drive-through from Feb. 10 through Valentine’s Day. Downtown restaurants mobilize to deal with “the food truck problem.”

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James Norton

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