The Churn: Love from Details, and More

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

Details calls Sun Street Breads one of the best new bakeries in America. Some details on the upcoming Sparrow Cafe at 50th and Penn. Our editor weighs in on lutefisk on the Current (featuring graphic lutefisk-tasting audio). Minneapolis local food alum Scott Pampuch gets a write-up for his Iron Horse venture in Milwaukee (pictured above: Pampuch working with locally foraged mushrooms). Our own Joshua Page raves up Bull Run coffee. D’Amico Kitchen is leaving the Chambers hotel. Summit Unchained #12 will be “100% Organic Ale.” Wisconsin’s Beer Baron writes up the newly emerging Port Huron Brewing Company of Wisconsin Dells. WACSO writes and draws a whole host of local eateries including Modern Cafe, World Street Kitchen, Pupuseria La Palmera, and the French Hen. Lueken’s grocery in Bemidji sells out… to its 400 employees. And an embrace of fine Scandinavian dining puts us on the map for Travel + Leisure.

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