Heavy Table Hot Five: July 7-13

A $5 hamburger from the Hotel Ivy’s Constantine restaurant makes the Hot Five along with an Iowa pork sandwich from the Original on 42nd.

Goat Cheese Ravioli with Three Peppers and Recipe Roundup

Goat cheese ravioli with three peppers, chilled panzanella salad, fried trout chowder, chipotle chicken enchiladas, roasted and stuffed acorn squash, […]

Red, White, and Blue Mojitos and Recipe Roundup

Grain and bean salad with pickled cherry pepper vinaigrette; marinated kohlrabi salad; lemon quinoa with ricotta; raw pea salad with […]

Smoked Trout Spread and Recipe Roundup

Egg and cheddar BLT with sambal mayo, smoked trout spread, French yogurt cake, spaghetti with dandelion greens and wild ramps, […]

Broiled Trout and Morels in Cream and Recipe Roundup

Kebab pizza, mango tapioca, broiled trout and morels in cream, vegan walnut pecan pate, cannellini chowder with shallot chips and […]