The Tap: Beer and Sausages

There’s a boom in simple, honest, German-grounded flavors in Minnesota, revolving around beer (Indeed, Fair State, Surly, Lift Bridge) and sausage.

The Tap: Fulton Gets a Food Truck

The Tap looks at upcoming restaurants, restaurant closings, and the new Fulton Taproom Kitchen, a remodeled Airstream helmed by Scott Pampuch.

The Tap: Early September Restaurant Openings and Closings

The Heavy Table’s Tap feature highlights restaurant openings and closings throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro and beyond.

The Tap: Early August Openings and Closings

The Heavy Table’s Tap feature is a comprehensive listing of new, upcoming, and closing restaurants in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area and beyond.

The Tap: In Defense of Reviewing Food

This week in the Tap: the vital importance of restaurant reviews in an era of brand synergy, crowd-sourced wisdom, and Instagram influencers.