sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato Pommes Anna

This Christmas, make sweet potato pommes Anna instead of the same old sweet potato casserole.

Crab Apple Jelly and Recipe Roundup

Palak paneer; bean burgers (also don’t miss our Fitger’s-inspired Harvest Moon Wild Rice burger recipe); glowing green smoothie; tomato, cheese, […]

Bicycling Lumberjack Trout and Recipe Roundup

Lemon-orange chiffon cake; Bicycling Lumberjack Trout; Persian herbed rice and fish; whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies; bread rusks; cheesy potato-rutabaga mash; […]

Nutella Pound Cake and Recipe Roundup

Slow roasted sweet potatoes, brie with spiced pecans, Nutella pound cake, and cranberry walnut Jell-O salad.

Grilled Grouse and Recipe Roundup

Beef barley soup, oatmeal cream cookies, Dunbarton Blue and cranberry sauce appetizers, cornbread stuffing and exciting news about HT contributing […]