Bacon Jam and Recipe Roundup

Bacon jam, ratatouille bruschetta, pan cubano, and peach salsa.

The Corpse Reviver and Recipe Roundup

Tomato salad with red onion, dill, and feta, the corpse reviver, chili oil for cooking and chili oil for seasoning […]

Ratatouille and Recipe Roundup

Canadian bacon and wild rice quiche, all day lemon curd tart, Abstract Artist’s Salad, moussaka, ratatouille with a poached egg, […]

Weeknight Ratatouille and Recipe Roundup

Weeknight ratatouille, wild rice and candy cap mushroom scones, Swiss chard potstickers and edamame succotash, pan-grilled tomato and feta salad […]

September 25 Recipe Roundup

Beef and bean chili with lime and cilantro (plus a rant about UPS), cheesy cauliflower pancakes, grilled ratatouille, and Ukrainian […]